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Two weeks ago, in partnership with my colleague Michael Florio, I launched a weekly webcast called LTC Coffee Break.  Our goal with it is to educate, inform, and inspire you during these challenging time.  Every Tuesday at 10 am (EDT) and 10 am (PDT) we broadcast our 15 minute coffee break.

We had a conversation with Roz Montgomery, our Sales Development Partner, and discussed the increased importance of outreach during this “shelter in place” and “work from home” period. To watch this segment, you can go to the Fridays with Fisher Coffee Break page.

One important element of the conversation that I want to reinforce is that we at OneAmerica have a boatload of free content that you can utilize in order to stay in front of your clients.  And, for producers who are appointed with OneAmerica, there is even more available from our OneAmerica Marketing Store.

On Thursday, April 30 at 11 am (eastern) I will be sharing some tools that I have found to be helpful during this “shelter in place” era on my monthly webcast.  

One of the easiest methods of staying engaged with your clients and prospects is via social media. 

At OneAmerica, there is FREE social media content packs that you can utilize to expand your presence.  They are designed for LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook and with a little effort, you can expand your presence and client engagement.

Of course, for folks who are appointed and writing business, we have much greater capabilities available from the OneAmerica Marketing Store.

Hear more about using social media and OneAmerica Marketing Store and more ideas on my upcoming webcast on Thursday, April 30 at 11am eastern.

This is a unique time for all of us and the way in which we do business is changing.  Now, more than any other time, is when we have to rise to the occasion, cast aside our reluctance to change, and expand both our knowledge and our capabilities.

If you haven’t already, you can view some of our FREE content on the Marketing Campaign page of and the OneAmerica LTC Marketing Toolbox page.

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