Client Seminar – Tuesdays at 7

Last week, I shared a demo of our consumer seminar – The Great Retirement Income Gap with you.

“The Great Retirement Income Gap” consumer webcast will be offered every Tuesday evening at 7 pm (eastern) starting on June 30 and running until August 25. 

As with the demo, the “virtual consumer seminar” will be in “listen-only” mode with specific instructions for attendees to contact their advisors with any questions.  The objective is to push all conversations where they should be – the advisor.

The consumer webcast requires that the attendee register and share the name of the advisor who invited them.  This way, we can inform the advisor that one of their client’s attended the webcast and that a follow-up call might be in order.  We will not contact any consumer who attends the webcast. 

We have resources available to assist you in promoting the “Great Retirement Income Gap” virtual consumer webcast.  Those pieces include content to be used on social media as well as email templates.  As a matter of fact, for the past month, I used both to promote the demo presentation.

registration page

sample invitation

sample of the social media (this will require you to download a content pack)

sample consumer ad/flyer

Great Retirement Income Gap Campaign Overview

Again, the whole objective is to open the door to a conversation between the attending consumer and the advisor who invited them.

Register for “The Great Retirement Income Gap” consumer webcast by following this link. You will be offered a choice of which Tuesday evening to attend. All presentations will be at 7 pm (eastern) starting on June 30 and running until August 25. 

For more information or to devise a custom consumer virtual seminar, please contact me at (678) 512-9627 or

And a reminder, every Tuesday morning at 10am (eastern and pacific), join Michael Florio and me for LTC Coffee Break where we share a conversation over a cup of coffee.


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