Consumer Seminar Preview on 6/23

If you have been paying attention to my emails and social media accounts, Michael Florio and I will be presenting to (and for) you “The Great Retirement Income Gap” consumer-approved presentation on June 23 at 3pm.

This is a preview of the consumer seminar that we will be offering for the months of July and August.  More information will come your way in the next few days.

What is the Great Retirement Income Gap?  It is the gap that is created when expenses, due to an extended healthcare situation, exceed the income available to address the need.

You have heard the statistics – more than half of Americans will require some form of extended healthcare service during their lifetime.  One question is – will it be you?  No one knows – it is almost as pure a risk as one can get.  And, for many people it is a risk that is not addressed.

Remember, we all have a default plan for an extended healthcare / long term care issue.  That plan is the plan of hope – hope you don’t get sick or hurt in a way that requires extended healthcare services; hope that someone is there to help if it does happen; and hope that it does not consume everything that you worked so long and so hard to accumulate. And, that is the plan that we all start with.

For some, this is adequate.  They may live a healthy life and never experience a long term care situation.  Or, they may experience one that their resources are adequate to address the situation.  Or, their care is a short duration.  But … what if it is an extended or long duration situation?

Only a plan can address this issue.  The intent of the “Great Retirement Income Gap” consumer presentation is to open the door for a deeper conversation between you and your client.

Please join  our consumer webcast – “Great Retirement Income Gap”  on Tuesday, June 23 at 3pm (eastern).

If you are interested in offering this virtual consumer seminar to your clients, please contact me directly at or via phone at (678) 512-9627.

And, a friendly reminder that every Tuesday, Michael Florio and I present a new episode of Coffee Break.  You can go to the LTC Coffee Break Channel to view it (and any past episode).


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