Something For Nothing

The saying that you can’t get something for nothing is true. Contrary to the saying, there is always some form of exchange or compromise that takes place.

Our job is to deliver a strategy to our clients where the compromises that they make are not filled with regret. That regret can com in many forms from the regret of exhausting their retirement savings to having to stop working to care for their spouse or parent to wishing that they had a way to “finish on their terms”. The list can go on and on.

A week ago, Michael Florio and I dropped an episode of LTC Coffee Break which was a full 40+ minute conversation with Phyllis Shelton. And, one point that she made early in our conversation was about regret and not having enough of a plan in place to address an extended health care / long term care situation.

Take a look at our full LTC Coffee Break featuring Phyllis Shelton.

LTC Coffee Break Espresso Shot 4/26/2022

And, remember, we share a new episode every Tuesday at

You can also view any of our past episodes on the LTC Coffee Break Channel.

Two weeks ago, I shared with you a simple tool to help you facilitate a conversation with your clients and deliver some meaningful information to help them construct their plan – the OneAmerica Step-by-Step Guide To Receiving LTC.

Last week, I shared with you some ideas where to look for opportunities with your clients as well as a tool to assist in pre-underwriting a case. And, I went overboard and state very clearly that I WANT TO EARN YOUR LTC BUSINESS.

That is why I (and OneAmerica) have given you something for nothing. That something is the tools to help address your client’s LTC funding concerns, tools to help educate your clients using our customized marketing materials, campaigns, and presentations, and 30+ years of insurance solutions.

So, back to what is said earlier about exchange and compromise, when you are working with your clients and addressing the extended health care / long term care funding needs DO NOT compromise on their funding strategy. Include a OneAmerica solution in the discussion – no other carrier offers what OneAmerica’s Care Solutions does.

Learn more about OneAmerica’s asset-based long term care solutions by contacting me via email at or call me at (678) 512-9627.

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