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This week’s LTC Coffee Break was a full edition that featured Phyllis Shelton. It was a wide ranging conversation that included conversations about our responsibility as advisors to include long term care funding in our planning conversations, her thoughts on asset-based long term care, her thoughts on plan designs, and a bunch more.

LTC Coffee Break Shot 5/3/2022

This week’s LTC Coffee Break featuring Phyllis Shelton.

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Earlier in the week, after our broadcast, I had a case pop into my email that tied into part of what Phyllis said during our conversation. She gave a HUGE thumbs up to our informal underwriting inquiry process; we call it the Pre Underwriting Inquiry or PUI.

The case was rather straight forward but the client had a little bit of a health challenge which led to a decline from one of our peers. Of course, as the backup plan, we are contacted to save the case. We submitted the PUI to underwriting and within 30 minutes, with all of the information shared specific to the decline, our underwriting team said that we would consider the case for both Asset Care and Annuity Care. And, if everything remains, the Asset Care would be unrated and an unlimited continuation of benefits rider would be available.

I share all of this for a reason.

I don’t want you to be submitting all of your declines for us to consider. But, I do want you to consider doing two things.

  1. do a little field underwriting before making a product recommendation
  2. incorporate OneAmerica into your product rotation

For more information on the PUI and underwriting, please contact your marketing organization, my internal Justin Fox at (844) 658-3725, or me.

Remember, EVERYONE will work with clients who are table 4 or better. And, EVERYONE offers streamlined underwriting (in one form or another). And EVERYONE offers limited duration plans.

ONLY ONEAMERICA offers you …

  • solutions for clients out to table 8
  • underwriting to find a solution – we can pivot to full underwriting for Asset Care or consider Annuity Care if the client’s health warrants
  • long term care solutions that can provide unlimited benefits

As I said last week, I want to earn your long term care business.

I’ll go one step further. The next long term care case that you have – include a OneAmerica solution in the discussion.

You can contact me via email at kevin.fisher@oneamerica.com or call me at (678) 512-9627.

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