On the road again

This week’s FWF will be brief.

Why is that?  I’m on the road and time is limited. 

Speaking of on the road, once again, OneAmerica is blanketing the country with regional meetings.  As we did last year, the whole objective is to provide agents and advisors with enough information about OneAmerica and the Care Solutions portfolio to recognize opportunities.

Each of our Regional Sales Directors will be hosting meetings at a variety of locations across the country.  For sites and registrations, please check out the Care Solutions Regional Meeting landing page or use the following URL: https://p.allego.com/uY8vU4KJLeWv_

The page is updated as new dates and locations are added.

Please, share this with your producers as this is an outstanding opportunity to learn from OneAmerica about the Care Solutions portfolio.  We will share with you which of your producers attended so that you can follow-up. 

If you would like to schedule a regional meeting specifically for your producers, please contact me directly. 

For more information, contact either my internal Justin Fox or me.

Justin Fox               justinfox.isp@oneamerica.com                    (844) 658-3725

Kevin Fisher          kevin.fisher@oneamerica.com                   (678) 512-9627

And – as always – thanks for taking a few minutes for me.

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