Annuities – Think Leverage

Think about all of the people who own deferred annuities.  Now think about how many are out of surrender and have no real purpose.  Let our Annuity Care solutions provide new value to those old annuities. Here are a few points to consider when annuity discussions arise with clients. A majority of non-qualified deferred annuity... Continue Reading →

Most Beneficial Rate

At OneAmerica, we have a program called "Most Beneficial Rate"  (MBR) which simply does what it says.  Here is what it does. For the 60 days between application and premium-receive date, the rate is locked to protect against rate changes for up to 60 days.  This helps protect the policy pricing from funding delays. The... Continue Reading →

Q&A – Leaders Conference

Question: Where and when is the 2019 Leader's Conference being held? Answer: The 2019 Leader's Conference will take place from May 31, 202 to June 4, 2020 in Bermuda.  Qualifying Criteria must be met and can be found HERE.

Income and LTC

Forbes published an article on April 16, 2019 that shared “Comparing The 3 Most Popular Retirement Income Strategies”.  According to the article, there are three common approaches: Systematic Withdrawal Strategy Using this strategy, if you had $1,000,000, you could withdraw roughly 4% ($40,000) per year adjusted for inflation and would not run out of money. ... Continue Reading →

Q&A – Inflation for Asset Care

Question:  What inflation options exist for the "new" Asset Care? Answer:  The inflation options that are offered are 3% compound and 5% compound for both the base and continuation of benefit rider (COB). Inflation can also be either lifetime or 20 years in duration. When inflation is elected for the base, that same inflation rate... Continue Reading →

Not So Average Care

The following stats are posted on someone turning age 65 today will have a 70% chance of requiring “some” long term care services and/or support in later years women require care on average 3.7 years men require care 2.2 years 33.3% of today’s 65 years olds may never require care 20% of today’s 65... Continue Reading →

Q&A – Apps Submitted Before June 28

Question:  I submitted an Asset Care application before the deadline, what are my options now that I can see premiums for the "new" Asset Care? Answer:   If an application is pending but not approved by underwriting ...  If an interview is ordered and/or scheduled for the "old" product, then A new Application Part 1 is... Continue Reading →

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