Annuities – Think Leverage

Think about all of the people who own deferred annuities.  Now think about how many are out of surrender and have no real purpose.  Let our Annuity Care solutions provide new value to those old annuities.

Here are a few points to consider when annuity discussions arise with clients.

A majority of non-qualified deferred annuity owners state that the purpose for their money sitting in the annuity are for emergency purposes.  An unexpected extended healthcare event is one of those emergencies.

OneAmerica’s Annuity Care, Annuity Care II, and Indexed Annuity Care are designed to provide 100% tax-free distributions when used to pay for long term care services.  This is an excellent opportunity to 1035 exchange an existing deferred annuity and secure tax-free money for LTC.

The Annuity Care solutions are not a one size fits all proposition.  Either a fixed crediting strategy or an index crediting strategy can be utilized which can provide positive growth as well as protection.

The tax-free long term care benefit can be extended to last a lifetime.  Selecting the lifetime option for the Continuation of Benefit, tax-free LTC benefits will continue after the annuity value is exhausted.


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