It’s About The Claim

Our purpose is to provide the funding resources for our policyholders when their health is compromised and they require long term care services.

Last year, I shared some claims information with you.  Today, I plan to share a little information that will be tremendously helpful when a client contacts you to initiate a claim.

The workflow for a claim is fairly concise.  This one pager, “Initiate a Claim”, shares the three step process require to initiate a claim.

A few points to remember are:

  1. the policyholder does not need to be receiving care in order to initiate a claim – they may be freshly diagnosed with care impending,
  2. the policy holder does not need to contact OneAmerica in order to initiate a claim – their Power of Attorney, spouse, children, or sibling could initiate the claim, and
  3. a claim can be initiate by a phone call, an email, or via snail mail.

As a reminder, we provide every policyholder access to our Claims Concierge which streamlines the claims process.  Our Step by Step Guide to Receiving Care is an outstanding resource for every policyholder that can be left with the policy at the time of delivery.

Let’s return to when a client contacts you in a claims situation.  One resource that you have available to you is OneSource Online (aka OSO).  After logging in, you will find a link to claims about midway down the page (this may vary depending upon your browser).

A click of the Claims link will move you to the Claims page where you will be able to initiate a claim online.


Every policyholder, every claim is important.  Take a listen to this call from a short time ago.  It will move you – it really moved our associates.

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