The 1035 and Annuity Care

Remember, the ideal funding source for any Annuity Care solution comes from an existing nonqualified deferred annuity with gain.  Also remember, this is simply a repositioning strategy which does not impact your client's current income or taxes. A problem that occasionally arises is that the amount of money in the existing annuity is large and... Continue Reading →

Your Legacy Care Opportunity

In this week's LTC Coffee Break webcast, discussed Legacy Care.  Legacy Care is a nonqualified deferred annuity that is not a long term care play but is a longevity play.  Let me explain more. Let’s say that your client is 90 years old, has a deferred annuity with $190,000 of value that is out of... Continue Reading →

Return of Premium – Asset Care

As we have been navigating through this complicated time, one consumer concern that has been brought up often is the desire to maintain liquidity for an emergency.  This has led to inaction where the LTC exposure is not addressed or a funding strategy where recurring premium strategy is used to fund Asset Care.Did you know... Continue Reading →

Using Qualified Money for LTC

You probably know some people with IRAs, 401(k)s, or 403(b)s - right?Qualified dollars have their issues You can’t avoid eventually paying taxes on pre-tax money that grows tax-deferred.Required Minimum Distributions (RMDs): Money needs to be taken out beginning at 72, whether your client wants it or not.When qualified money passes to heirs at death, it is... Continue Reading →

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