Merry Christmas

This week's Fridays with Fisher will be brief. I simply want to wish you a Merry Christmas (and a belated Happy Hanukkah). I hope that you and your family are safe and able to share some memories (new and old) today. Please, stay safe and celebrate the season. To learn more about long term care... Continue Reading →

Riverboat or Yacht

Yesterday, I shared a video that I shot from the banks of the Savannah River. While it was somewhat "lame", the intent is to illustrate an analogy that I have heard a few folks use regarding deferred annuities. Riverboat or Yacht? Simply - the question that is asked to advisors is "are you talking to... Continue Reading →

More Than One Way To Pay

One thing that we always discuss from a planning perspective is how will you pay. How will you pay for care if it is needed ? How will you pay if you have to provide care yourself? How will you pay the premium for your policy? As Harley Gordon says, every decision has consequences. And,... Continue Reading →

Qualified Money

As part of our Leading Tomorrow with One America speaker series, Ed Slott - America's IRA expert shared his insights into IRA and qualified money. I am not going to dive into the Asset Care solution being funded by qualified money discussion. That is for another time - what I am going to do is... Continue Reading →

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