Riverboat or Yacht

Yesterday, I shared a video that I shot from the banks of the Savannah River. While it was somewhat “lame”, the intent is to illustrate an analogy that I have heard a few folks use regarding deferred annuities.

Riverboat or Yacht?

Simply – the question that is asked to advisors is “are you talking to your clients about the old annuity or the new annuity?”

Really, the new annuity isn’t that new. It is simply Annuity Care. What is new about it is that most advisors do not know about it and, if they do, do not consider it in their bag of solutions to address long term care funding.

I’ve shared with you statistics from Gallup as it relates to owners of non-qualified deferred annuities. Just to remind you, over 70% of those annuity owners have indicated that they are intended to be liquidated in a healthcare emergency in order to “not be a burden on their family”.

Consider this for a moment. Now, consider all the non-qualified deferred annuities that are out of their surrender period that are positioned purely as a defensive hedge. You can see the sheer magnitude of this opportunity.

If the option exists for your client to receive their annuity proceeds tax free in the event of a long term care event, why not consider Annuity Care?

If the solution does not impact income producing assets, why wouldn’t you consider Annuity Care

If the plan can be extended to create an unending stream of tax-free benefits, why wouldn’t you consider Annuity Care?

If the protection can be secured without creating any new expenses, why wouldn’t you consider Annuity Care?

Simply, why wouldn’t you consider Annuity Care as a tool to fund a long term care event?

And, for the record, I’ll take the yacht.

To learn more about this and other long term care solutions from OneAmerica, feel free to reach out to me at (678) 512-9627 or kevin.fisher@oneamerica.com

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