A Little Pool Anyone?

Here we go again – the discussion of addressing the extended healthcare (aka long term care) funding issue.  For many, self-funding ends up being the answer.  By default or by decision, people elect to bear the full burden of the cost associated with an extended healthcare event and not elect an insurance-based solution. So, here... Continue Reading →

Focus on the Boom

Expanding on last week’s thoughts where I shared my frustration with our industry’s thirst for younger policy holders, I want to turn the focus from my cohort of “Generation X” to that of the “Baby Boom” generation. In our quest to grow our markets and reduce our risk, our focus has moved away from the... Continue Reading →

Q&A – Funding Sources

Question:  Do you have anything that outlines all of the ways to pay premiums for Asset Care and/or Annuity Care? Answer:  We certainly do.  The piece is a concise graph that shows the many ways that premiums can be funded. Two things to remember, for recurring premium Asset Care, the premium durations can be 5... Continue Reading →

A Burr Under the Saddle

I have a burr under my saddle.  Actually, I have several but this one bugs the heck out of me. The long term care industry continues to move their sales efforts to a younger market.  I understand the intent and opportunities, but reality says that most people in their 50s do not have extended healthcare... Continue Reading →

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