Q&A – Guaranteed Benefits

Question: Premiums are guaranteed for both the base policy and continuation of benefit rider (Asset-Care & Annuity Care).  Are there other elements of the policy that are guaranteed? Answer: There are guaranteed elements of every policy that extends beyond the premium.  With Asset-Care I & IV, for example, the minimum guaranteed benefit that will be... Continue Reading →

Guarantees Matter

If you've been around anyone from OneAmerica, one important element of all of our Care Solutions products is the guarantees that the products provide.  Let's focus specifically on Asset-Care. For those of you who have either not heard this or are new to Asset-Care, not only do we provide a guaranteed minimum benefit that will... Continue Reading →

Q & A – Annuity Care II

Question: How does Annuity Care II differ from Annuity Care? Answer:  I will be brief, Annuity Care II is the only product in the Care Solutions portfolio where the Continuation of Benefit rider is not optional, does not offer a lifetime benefit, and is funded from the underlying annuity cash value.

Duration of Protection

It frustrates me to no end when "an expert" declares that anything more than a few years is overkill and a waste of money. Really?  Are those folks able to look in a crystal ball and read the future for their client and with 100% certainty say that an extended healthcare event will not exceed... Continue Reading →

Joint Asset-Care

Asset-Care is a unique life insurance based long term care solution that can cover 2 people on 1 policy.  When coupled with our lifetime benefit option, Asset-Care has no equal. The strategy is so leading edge that it sports patent number 6,584,446. Simply, the Asset-Care joint strategy creates one pool of long term care benefits... Continue Reading →

Divorce & Joint Asset Care

A Pew Research Study of divorce discovered an alarming statistic, divorce rates for couples aged 50+ have increased over 100% from 1990 to 2017. This presents a challenge for survivorship / joint insurance policies.  On a traditional life insurance side, some carrier have addressed this situation by providing a "policy split option" where each spouse... Continue Reading →

Q&A – underwriting inquiry

Question: What tools do you have to provide guidance from an underwriting perspective? Answer: I highly recommend first consulting the Asset-Care Ineligible Impairment list, the Annuity Care Ineligible Impairment List, or Underwriting Guide for some quick guidance then complete and submit the Pre-Underwriting Inquiry Survey to underwriting who will review the information and within 24 hours offer... Continue Reading →

Eligible Person

As you have read in previous installments of Fridays with Fisher, the Pension Protection Act created an opportunity for your clients to fund any of our Annuity Care products via IRC section 1035 exchange from cash value life insurance or deferred annuity proceeds (cash can also be used as a funding source). With our Annuity Care products, a single annuitant can... Continue Reading →

Underwriting Opportunities

It’s well known that OneAmerica’s asset-based LTC solutions have the most reasonable underwriting guidelines in the industry today. Here are just a few of the medical conditions that can be considered for Asset Care and Annuity Care (many are automatic declines with other carriers): Bipolar Disorder Kidney transplant or mild kidney failure Mild to moderate... Continue Reading →

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