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If you recall, a couple weeks ago, I shared a little bit about our strategy of transforming the tax-deferred accumulation in a nonqualified deferred annuity into tax-free distributions for long term care.

And, this week, on LTC Coffee Break, I shared a couple of features of our Annuity Care solutions.

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There is more to LTC Coffee Break than witty banter between Michael Florio and me.

As a matter of fact, last month, we interviewed LTC Legend Phyllis Shelton on full LTC Coffee Break – you should hear her words of advice including her thoughts on using deferred annuities to fund long term care.

You can view any of our past episodes on the LTC Coffee Break Channel.

There are very few deferred annuities that are designed to transform tax-deferred growth into tax-free long term care benefits. And, only 2 have the ability to provide unlimited lifetime benefits. Both of those are in the OneAmerica product portfolio – Annuity Care 1 and Indexed Annuity Care.

Consider this – one nonqualified deferred annuity can provide an unlimited stream of tax free long term care benefits for both the annuitant and their spouse!

A joint (shared benefits) policy is good, but what if one of the insureds consumers all of the benefits? Where does that leave their spouse?

With Annuity Care 1 and Indexed Annuity Care’s lifetime benefits, that is not an issue. Certainly, an argument will be made that lifetime benefits aren’t used by many people. But, my pushback on that is – can you tell me who will need them?

More importantly, how do your clients’ feel about a long duration situation? And, what is YOUR plan to help insulate them and their family from the impact of a situation that isn’t average?

One last thought here – well, more of a question – if we devise strategies in order to not outlive our incomes, why do we not include a strategy to protect those resources that produce that income?

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