From The Shore

This week, I am on vacation on the big island of Hawaii which prompts this week's Fridays with Fisher. I've shared this before here in Fridays with Fisher, with Michael Florio on our LTC Coffee Break webcast, and in live meetings - you have marketing resources available from OneAmerica that are FREE! Our OneAmerica Marketing... Continue Reading →

New Jersey Follow-up

These past couple of weeks, I have spend time in New Jersey meeting with agents, advisors, their clients, and the brokerage agencies who partner the OneAmerica. One thing that continues to surprise me is the general disconnect with planning for a long term care need. Simply, most people instantly jump into a product pitch and... Continue Reading →

An Idea From My Dad

Let me lead off with where I ended last week .... Give me a call with your next LTC case. At worst, I will confirm whether we can compete and win or not. At best, you have options that you might not have known about. I firmly believe that we can do more for you... Continue Reading →

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