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A long term care claim does not need to be permanent for an insured to receive benefits from a policy.  As noted in "Is it covered?", life insurance with chronic illness riders will not provide coverage for services that are not permanent in nature. True LTC policies (traditional and asset-based), cover both permanent and recoverable maladies.... Continue Reading →

Is it covered?

I have a few concerns about using life insurance as a funding strategy for long term care.  I don't mean in the sense of a true linked benefit / asset-based LTC product like Asset-Care.  What I am referring to is the "add-on" coverage provided by a rider on the life insurance policy. "Oh, by the... Continue Reading →

Q&A – Indemnity v Reimbursement

Question: There are a couple companies who offer indemnity plans.  Do you have any information how they compare to reimbursement plans? Answer: We certainly do.  As a matter of fact, we also have a PowerPoint that can accompany this Indemnity v Reimbursement one pager.  To get the PowerPoint, please contact Justin Fox.

Q&A – Funding with SPIA

Question: Last week, you shared the funding sources.  Am I correct to assume that a single premium immediate annuity is a viable funding strategy? Answer:  The "LTC Protection at Your Fingertips" piece that you mention is an excellent source for high-level funding information.  Now to your question, yes - a SPIA can be utilized as... Continue Reading →

Asset-Care … Five Points

Let's have a little talk about Asset-Care.  Specifically, I want to highlight five points that separate Asset-Care from the pack. Joint-LTC Benefit Asset-Care's joint solution offers a unique value as it is the ONLY asset-based LTC policy that offer true joint benefit.  When coupled with the lifetime continuation of benefit rider, it is untouchable by... Continue Reading →

Gifting LTC

So, you want some ideas - here is one that I think is pretty cool - using a gifting strategy to purchase LTC protection. When your client's have their LTC funding plan in place, they may wish to help others.  Anyone can make a gift into a Care Solutions product. One idea is to gift... Continue Reading →

Asset Care Changes 5.22 update

All issuers of life insurance are required to reprice the products to align with the 2017 CSO mortality table.  This includes Asset Care.  As a result, the whole of Asset Care has been revised and repriced targeting a launch of July 2019. Training opportunities We’ll be hosting national webinars on the new Asset Care product... Continue Reading →

Q&A – Funding Sources

Question:  With so many different strategies for funding, is there a single place where I can go to get that information? Answer:  There certainly is.  The "LTC Protection at Your Fingertips" piece simply outlines all of the funding sources as well as the products that they can be used to fund.  Remember, when using the... Continue Reading →

Claims Concierge Video

Care Solutions from OneAmerica has provided LTC benefits for nearly 30 years.  (If you didn't know that, you either haven't heard me speak or I blasted through that so fast that you never caught it.)  Not many carriers in the linked benefit / asset-based LTC / hybrid space can say that.  In fact, there is... Continue Reading →

Q&A -Need Tax Info

Question:  All of this stuff that you mentioned in the last article has got me wondering if you have resources available that can help answer design strategies and/or tax questions.  What do you have? Answer:  Depending upon the nature of your question, we have many resources for you.  Here is a list of some. Asset-based LTC... Continue Reading →

Q & A – PPA & Annuities

Question:  What does the Pension Protection Act do for deferred annuities? Answer:  Starting on January 1, 2010, cash value withdrawals from specific annuity contracts used to pay for qualifying long-term care expenses or to pay qualifying long term care insurance premiums, are no longer taxable income but considered as a reduction of cost basis.   And, benefit payments... Continue Reading →

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