The Consumer Seminar/Webinar

Love them or hate them – consumer seminars are a tool that can be used to share information, generate leads, and expand your brand. At OneAmerica, we offer a full package for consumer seminars.  One of our more popular presentations is “The Great Retirement Income Gap”.  Here is something to think about – a consumer... Continue Reading →

Integrate Social Media

Imagine sharing an idea, or image, or story with your social media followers (posting to Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.)  regularly and without having to develop the content. According to Blue Fountain Media, “90% of marketers claimed that social media generated immense exposure for their company.” When executed properly, a social media campaign can: increase awareness... Continue Reading →

Heading Back to Business

Over the next few weeks as we begin to move on from this “shelter in place” segment of our lives to return our business to a “normal” footing, I will share a few ideas  that might fit into your client conversations. One underutilized opportunity that you have available to you are consumer campaigns and seminars... Continue Reading →

Claims Concierge – Making It Easier

We are in the business of providing a financial solution to a family when they most need it.  And, when an extended healthcare event occurs, there is no more important time during our relationship. That is why the OneAmerica® Care Solutions Claims Concierge program was developed. Hear about the impact of our Claims Concierge in... Continue Reading →

Before Anything – Make Sure You’re IGO

Over the last few of weeks, I shared a three specifics ways that you can improve both your and your client's experience. Those were using our Pre-Underwriting Inquiry process to help diagnose the insurability of your client as well as help determine a product solution AND utilizing our eApplication process which can shave at least 5... Continue Reading →

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