Start 2022 Knowing WHO

It is the start of another new year. Hopefully, this year plays out better than the past two years have. But, only time will tell. For 21 months, Michael Florio and I have produced a weekly webcast LTC Coffee Break where we share ideas and information about long term care with a focus on the... Continue Reading →

EWF & A Plan

Last week, I talked about the need for a plan and that a policy is not a plan. Along with that, I shared a couple of tools that we can provide you free of charge. The Step-by-step guide to receiving long term care Virtual Consumer Seminar (link goes to the information page) In reality, most... Continue Reading →

Lesson From WA state

Well, the Washington state deadline has passed (thankfully) and there were many lessons that should have been learned from it. I am not going to hammer any of the "big picture" learnings like the Washington elected leaders and bureaucrats developed a plan in a bubble. And, the opinions of the mandate aren't very favorable ...... Continue Reading →

LTC Awareness Month

November is designated as Long Term Care Awareness Month and is recognized by many states and Congress as such. Here are a few Did you knows about LTC. More than 75% of adults who will receive LTC services will receive them at home. On average, 21 hours of care are provided per week when that... Continue Reading →

More Resources For You

Last week, I shared with you a a recap of a few of the resources that Michael Florio and I discussed during our regional fall meetings. Today, I am sharing with you a NEW, fresh off the shelf, consumer campaign focusing on one of the core differentiators for OneAmerica - lifetime benefits. While the industry... Continue Reading →

FAQ from Regional Meetings

This week, Michael Florio and I kicked off our OneAmerica Regional Meeting series at the Basketball Hall of Fame in Springfield, MA and at Davio's - Patriot Place in Foxboro, MA. What came out of the meetings was a sharing of ideas by those people who participated in our events. We have two coming up... Continue Reading →

The Value of Two

This week, I am sharing a quick idea or two based upon a conversations that I had this past week with producers and advisors. Just a reminder, that I am back in business and on the road meeting in-person (one-on-one, small groups, or agency-level meetings). This leads me into my shameless pitch for our upcoming... Continue Reading →

Did you know – Monte

In last week’s Fridays with Fisher, I shared with you my high-level viewpoint on both the physical and fiscal risk that extended healthcare events pose.  One point that I tried to make is that there is a parallel between long term care insurance and disability income insurance.  Simply, they both provide as a means to... Continue Reading →

Did You Know – Percy

You all know that every Friday I share a little something with you in my Fridays with Fisher e-blast and blog (  I see this as a way to share ideas and information that aren’t corporate generated. As I was looking for a witty quote, I stumbled into a study that was done by the... Continue Reading →

How Qualified Money Works

This month, I am sharing a little about funding long term care premiums using qualified money. As a matter of fact, if you want to hear a few ideas, join Michael Florio and me for our LTC Coffee Break on Tuesday mornings at 10am. You can catch our most recent release and access our library... Continue Reading →

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