Some Tools For You

As you know, I am on vacation this week. Actually, it will be no vacation as I am moving from our 200 year old historic home in Somers, CT to a newer home a few miles away. (Shameless pitch - if you know of anyone looking for a historic home that wants to live in... Continue Reading →

Leading Tomorrow IS BACK

Before I share this week's Fridays with Fisher, here is an important reminder. I AM BACK TO WORK FULL SPEED!!!!!!!!!!!! With the lifting of COVID restrictions and my immunization complete, I am back and on the road. I share this with you for two reasons - 1) I am excited to be escaping the reliance... Continue Reading →

Look at the Averages

For the past month, I have been sharing commentary and ideas related to averages, longevity, and extended healthcare. That kicked off on April 6 with our LTC Coffee Break broadcast. Check out our full LTC Coffee break episode. I have discussed the danger of relying solely on average duration care planning. Simply, the average (actually... Continue Reading →

Virtual Care Solutions University

It's hard to believe that a year ago we all came off of the road and into our home-based work environments. Some people adapted quickly to the change while other struggled. Fortunately for the companies of OneAmerica, that transition was rather smooth. One of our major in-person events has been the Care Solutions University (CSU)... Continue Reading →

More Than LTC Solutions

This week, I am going to jump off of the subject of long term care and our Care Solutions portfolio to ask you - did you know that OneAmerica offers more than the the deepest and broadest asset-based long term care product portfolio? There is more to OneAmerica than the Care Solutions portfolio. Employee Benefits... Continue Reading →

Qualified Money

As part of our Leading Tomorrow with One America speaker series, Ed Slott - America's IRA expert shared his insights into IRA and qualified money. I am not going to dive into the Asset Care solution being funded by qualified money discussion. That is for another time - what I am going to do is... Continue Reading →

Gobble Gobble Dee

It is hard to believe that we are at Thanksgiving already - especially given the challenges that we have faced this year. The good news is we are only a few weeks away from escaping 2020. On that note, I want to thank you all for your tenacity, support, dedication, compassion, and partnership this year.... Continue Reading →

Dychtwald Insights

Yesterday, we hosted our second installment of the Leading Tomorrow with OneAmerica speaker series which featured Ken Dychtwald from Age Wave. Ken offered a ton of information and insights into aging and dynamics of working in that realm. Here is a point that directly relates to long term care and care planning. "Health challenges can... Continue Reading →

Generational Differences

If you missed this week's speaker on our "Leading Tomorrow with OneAmerica" speaker series Cam Martson from Generational Insights, you missed a great discussion. A couple of quick points from Cam. We all have a generational lense and the way that we see the world and make decisions is heavily influenced by that. And your... Continue Reading →

Speaker Series Launching

Earlier this week on LTC Coffee Break, we discussed shared with you our fourth quarter speaker series which is designed with you in mind. Starting on October 8, we will be delivering to you some of the top resources in the industry who share their insights and ideas on a host of subjects. Check out... Continue Reading →

Client Seminar Extended

At the end of June, Michael Florio and I decided to dip our toes in the waters of the virtual consumer seminar. We learned a lot and want to thank all of you who have participated in our effort. Given the positive feedback and the constraints that we are still feeling because of the pandemic,... Continue Reading →

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