Lesson From WA state

Well, the Washington state deadline has passed (thankfully) and there were many lessons that should have been learned from it. I am not going to hammer any of the "big picture" learnings like the Washington elected leaders and bureaucrats developed a plan in a bubble. And, the opinions of the mandate aren't very favorable ...... Continue Reading →

More Resources For You

Last week, I shared with you a a recap of a few of the resources that Michael Florio and I discussed during our regional fall meetings. Today, I am sharing with you a NEW, fresh off the shelf, consumer campaign focusing on one of the core differentiators for OneAmerica - lifetime benefits. While the industry... Continue Reading →

Road Show Review

If you have paid attention to my weekly Fridays with Fisher lately, you'll recall that Michael Florio and I offered in-person Care Solutions "training" meetings in New Jersey and Massachusetts. If you were able to join us, we thank you and hope that you were able to walk away with an idea or two. Last... Continue Reading →

The Value of Two

This week, I am sharing a quick idea or two based upon a conversations that I had this past week with producers and advisors. Just a reminder, that I am back in business and on the road meeting in-person (one-on-one, small groups, or agency-level meetings). This leads me into my shameless pitch for our upcoming... Continue Reading →

Care Solutions Road Shows

As part of our national fall surge, OneAmerica Care Solutions Road Shows are being held across the country. Michael Florio and I will be hosting 4 sessions coming up in the next few weeks. During this 90 minute event, we’ll share concepts highlighting the flexibility of the Care Solutions product portfolio and how they meet... Continue Reading →

Walk to End Alzheimer’s

Every year, more than 600 communities across the United States participate in the Walk to End Alzheimer's. This is event is the world's largest fundraiser according to the Alzheimer's Association. Proceeds from this event go to fund research, care programs, and more. This year's walk is planned as an in-person event and will take place... Continue Reading →

Did You Know – Elvis

As you know, last week and this I have been off moving to my more modern home. I will be back full speed on Monday, July 12. Thank you for working with Justin during my time out - I do appreciate your cooperation. So, since today is a day off and taking the "did you... Continue Reading →

Some Tools For You

As you know, I am on vacation this week. Actually, it will be no vacation as I am moving from our 200 year old historic home in Somers, CT to a newer home a few miles away. (Shameless pitch - if you know of anyone looking for a historic home that wants to live in... Continue Reading →

Leading Tomorrow IS BACK

Before I share this week's Fridays with Fisher, here is an important reminder. I AM BACK TO WORK FULL SPEED!!!!!!!!!!!! With the lifting of COVID restrictions and my immunization complete, I am back and on the road. I share this with you for two reasons - 1) I am excited to be escaping the reliance... Continue Reading →

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