Underwriting Rated Cases

Last week, I made a bold statement that EVERYONE wants the "layup" business where the clients are in good health and can be moved through underwriting based upon a phone interview. It's true - anyone can do that. What is also true is that OneAmerica chooses to offer solutions to more people because OneAmerica is... Continue Reading →

Independent Leaders’ Conference

Each year, we bring our top producers together to celebrate their success. The 2023 Independent Leader's Conference is scheduled for June 8 - 12 and will take place at the Grand Hyatt Baja Mar Resort in Nassau, Bahamas. You can qualify for an invitation by accumulating 1,250,000 conference credits between January 1 and December 31,... Continue Reading →

Two For One

Last week, we announced a price reduction to our Asset Care product which takes effect this week. You will be happy to know that if you have an application in house, those new rates will apply. If you have any questions pertaining to the reprice, PLEASE DIRECT YOUR QUESTIONS TO JUSTIN FOX AT (844) 658-3725... Continue Reading →

BIG NEWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If you haven't already heard, we have some GREAT NEWS!!!! Our Asset Care premiums are being reduced effective May 26, 2022. Here is a message from our president Dennis Martin. CLICK TO PLAY For more than 30 years, Asset Care has been a leader in the asset-based long term care space. It is the only... Continue Reading →

A Plug for Asset Based LTC

I don't claim to be unbiased. I admit that I have an agenda. I want you to address your client's long term care funding needs using the products that my company (OneAmerica) produces and distributes (Asset Care and Annuity Care). That is my agenda - I want your business. That is why I share ideas... Continue Reading →

More About OA

Earlier this week, on LTC Coffee Break, we talked about where to find information about the companies of OneAmerica. A visit to OneAmerica.com/about-us will give you everything and more about the company. https://youtu.be/krn2kPu-KWw LTC Coffee Break Espresso Shot 3/8/2022 Click on the video link for this week's LTC Coffee Break. For additional LTC Coffee Break... Continue Reading →

Things We Keep

One thing for certain, insurance is about a promise - a promise to pay. But, it is really more than that - it is a promise that allows us to keep memories alive. This week on LTC Coffee Break, Michael Florio and I shared with you the new OneAmerica video called "The Things We Keep".... Continue Reading →

3 Client Profiles

Earlier this month, Michael Florio and I shared some ideas about why advisors should include LTC funding as part of their client conversations. Last week, we reiterated that point. I am going to piggyback on this week's LTC Coffee Break Espresso Shot where Michael shared a little on who should be party to the LTC... Continue Reading →

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