Did you know – Monte

In last week’s Fridays with Fisher, I shared with you my high-level viewpoint on both the physical and fiscal risk that extended healthcare events pose.  One point that I tried to make is that there is a parallel between long term care insurance and disability income insurance.  Simply, they both provide as a means to... Continue Reading →

OneAmerica Resources

Earlier this week, we hosted our first virtual Care Solutions University of 2021. If you are unfamiliar with Care Solutions University, it is immersion training for the OneAmerica Care Solutions suite of asset-based long term care products and services. Last year, due to the pandemic, Care Solutions University moved to the virtual realm from an... Continue Reading →

Client Profile

A lot has been said and written about the ideal client profile for long term care insurance. And, one thing that the industry as a whole has been saying loudly is "the best time is when you are young." Without delving into the benefits of securing coverage at a young age, the risks associated with... Continue Reading →

Care Solutions Illustrations

It doesn't matter what you call them - proposal, hypo, quote, or illustration - they all provide similar information intended to help educate, inform, and inspire the client to take action. (The close of that sentence is stolen from the goals of LTC Coffee Break. Which reminds me - check out LTC Coffee Break at... Continue Reading →

Virtual Product Training

Learn About the deepest set of solutions in the industry If you've been around the industry for any time, you will understand the changes and challenges that long term care insurance has faced. For better or for worse, it is an evolving landscape of solutions. The is one constant - OneAmerica's Care Solutions. For over... Continue Reading →

Deep Dives

As the leader in asset based long term care, OneAmerica does not believe in a "one size fits all" approach to long term care funding. From pay-as- you-go to annuities to qualified money to 1035 exchanges, the Care Solutions portfolio offers premium flexibility. On top of that, Care Solutions products can provide benefits for a... Continue Reading →

Riverboat or Yacht

Yesterday, I shared a video that I shot from the banks of the Savannah River. While it was somewhat "lame", the intent is to illustrate an analogy that I have heard a few folks use regarding deferred annuities. Riverboat or Yacht? Simply - the question that is asked to advisors is "are you talking to... Continue Reading →

More Than One Way To Pay

One thing that we always discuss from a planning perspective is how will you pay. How will you pay for care if it is needed ? How will you pay if you have to provide care yourself? How will you pay the premium for your policy? As Harley Gordon says, every decision has consequences. And,... Continue Reading →

Something To Chew On

For the past few weeks, we have been discussing longevity issues on Fridays with Fisher and as a part of the Leading Tomorrow with OneAmerica speaker series. I want to expand that discussion a little bit and challenge you to consider some scenarios. A few months ago, I shared some information in a Fridays with... Continue Reading →


Over the past several weeks as part of the Leading Tomorrow with OneAmerica speaker Series, we have heard from experts who talked about aging, longevity, and working / communicating with clients. Here is a little something that I want you to chew on - longevity. Let me pose this question. You (or some other professional)... Continue Reading →

New Life to Old Annuities

Here is the scenario. You have a client who is 75 years old and has positioned a her emergency healthcare funds in a fleet of non-qualified deferred annuities. In fact, her intention is to liquidate her annuities to pay for her care. As you know, those gains will be taxed at distribution and could potentially... Continue Reading →

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