Pre-Underwriting Improves Process

One thing that most of us complain about is the "cycle time" for a policy to be issued.  An area that experiences more than their share of criticism is underwriting. Here is a tip that will certainly improve not just the underwriting experience but the consumer experience in terms of the initial client conversation, expectation... Continue Reading →

The Pre-Underwriting Inquiry

Everyone is not in perfect health - we know that.  We also recognize that the market for our extended healthcare (LTC) funding solutions is not young (the typical client is over 62 and Care Solutions can be written up to age 85).  All this means that health challenges exist. Take a look at the Underwriting... Continue Reading →

Q&A -Updated Process Guide

Question: With the changes to Asset Care, is there one place where I can go to get information about underwriting and submitting an application? Answer: We have updated and enhanced the Care Solutions Process Guide which includes both Asset Care & Annuity Care.

Q&A – Exam Requirements from Another

Question: Will OneAmerica accept requirements done for another carrier? Answer: Yes - medical examinations and exams done for another carrier will be accepted provided that they fall within OneAmerica's time parameters.  If a producer is requesting to use requirements from another carrier, Section G - Medical Information must be completed on the application and ALL... Continue Reading →

Asset Care Revisions Coming in July

This should come as no surprise.  Noise about Asset Care changes has been swirling around for months.  A couple weeks ago, we announced the changes that are targeted to roll out in July. Here are a few of the enhancements that you will see in the updated Asset Care. zero day elimination period for home... Continue Reading →

I’ve got this

A long term care claim does not need to be permanent for an insured to receive benefits from a policy.  As noted in "Is it covered?", life insurance with chronic illness riders will not provide coverage for services that are not permanent in nature. True LTC policies (traditional and asset-based), cover both permanent and recoverable maladies.... Continue Reading →

Q&A – underwriting inquiry

Question: What tools do you have to provide guidance from an underwriting perspective? Answer: I highly recommend first consulting the Asset-Care Ineligible Impairment list, the Annuity Care Ineligible Impairment List, or Underwriting Guide for some quick guidance then complete and submit the Pre-Underwriting Inquiry Survey to underwriting who will review the information and within 24 hours offer... Continue Reading →

Underwriting Opportunities

It’s well known that OneAmerica’s asset-based LTC solutions have the most reasonable underwriting guidelines in the industry today. Here are just a few of the medical conditions that can be considered for Asset Care and Annuity Care (many are automatic declines with other carriers): Bipolar Disorder Kidney transplant or mild kidney failure Mild to moderate... Continue Reading →

Underwriting Tools

It's easy to be product focused when you have the deepest, broadest, and most diverse product portfolio in the industry.  I am guilty. Underwriting is an area that also differentiates OneAmerica from our peers. We are more than a streamlined underwriting, table 4 to standard (preferred) carrier.  Our Asset-Care underwriting, if less that perfect can... Continue Reading →

Q&A -“older” client

Question: I have a client who is 81 years old and very healthy, is Asset-Care a viable product ? Answer: We can consider Asset-Care for someone over the age of 80 if they are part of a joint policy where the joint equal age falls within the maximum age range and that person can qualify from an... Continue Reading →

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