Self-Funding isn’t Self-Insurance

Last week, I shared my opinion about self-insurance. In reality, self-insurance is pure risk retention.  Said another way, it is self-funding without any “stop-loss” provisions. At a minimum, reviewing the extended healthcare self-funding / risk retention strategy in conjunction with the client’s income plan is imperative to making it as solid as possible.  Most importantly,... Continue Reading →

Self-Insure = Risk Retention

According to The Motley Fool in an article from February 24, 2018, the average retirement lasts for 18 years and begins at age 63. While the article is focused on retirement duration and shares a few facts about longevity, it opens the door for a conversation about the biggest financial risk to the retirement plan …... Continue Reading →

The OneAmerica Difference

An interesting thing happened on my way to the office this morning.  This time, my office wasn’t an airport, hotel room, meeting room, or automobile; it was my office at home. For the past 2 years I have written and distributed Fridays with Fisher hoping to provide ideas that might help you move the bar... Continue Reading →

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