Qualified Money for LTC

Earlier this week, an advisor (we will call him Andy) called me with an interesting question.  It went something like this: “I have a client – a single man who is in his early 60s and is unmarried whose parents both recently died after spending a ton of their money on assisted living and nursing... Continue Reading →

Q&A -Updated Process Guide

Question: With the changes to Asset Care, is there one place where I can go to get information about underwriting and submitting an application? Answer: We have updated and enhanced the Care Solutions Process Guide which includes both Asset Care & Annuity Care.

Asset Care Return of Premium

Live, Die, Quit – that has been the mantra for asset-based / linked benefit / hybrid Long Term Care solutions since their inception three decades ago.  (Have I mentioned that only OneAmerica and one other carrier have that experience?) We often focus on the Live and Die scenarios.  If you require care while you are... Continue Reading →

Q&A – Exam Requirements from Another

Question: Will OneAmerica accept requirements done for another carrier? Answer: Yes - medical examinations and exams done for another carrier will be accepted provided that they fall within OneAmerica's time parameters.  If a producer is requesting to use requirements from another carrier, Section G - Medical Information must be completed on the application and ALL... Continue Reading →

It’s Long Term Care for a Reason

The fastest way to impoverishment or to destroying a retirement income strategy or to impact multiple generations physically, emotionally, and financially is not an extended healthcare event. It is not adequately planning for such an event. According to retirementliving.com, the cost of memory care in 2019 is: Average memory care unit     $5,745 per month Highest... Continue Reading →

History of Innovation

Asset-based LTC, aka hybrid or linked linked benefit, have existed since 1988.  OneAmerica stakes a claim to being the premier innovator of this space. There is only one other carrier who can make this claim.  What they and the other carriers in the asset-based LTC arena cannot claim is the depth and breadth of solutions... Continue Reading →

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