Client Profile

A lot has been said and written about the ideal client profile for long term care insurance. And, one thing that the industry as a whole has been saying loudly is "the best time is when you are young." Without delving into the benefits of securing coverage at a young age, the risks associated with... Continue Reading →

Expand Your Client Base

This past week, I have fielded this one question more than any other.  I want to expand my client base (practice, outreach, etc), does OneAmerica have anything that I can use. The answer is yes.  Of course, you will need to check with your compliance folks to ensure that you can utilize these materials with... Continue Reading →

Virtual Care Solutions University

It's hard to believe that a year ago we all came off of the road and into our home-based work environments. Some people adapted quickly to the change while other struggled. Fortunately for the companies of OneAmerica, that transition was rather smooth. One of our major in-person events has been the Care Solutions University (CSU)... Continue Reading →

Virtual Consumer Seminar

It's been almost a year since we moved full scale into the virtual world. For some, it has been a simple transition. For others, it has been a major struggle. No matter where you fall in that spectrum, the virtual meeting that we have all come to love (or hate) is part of our business... Continue Reading →

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