OneAmerica Marketing Store

The OneAmerica Marketing Store (OAMS) is a cloud-based platform that allows you to "self-service" your Care Solutions marketing. This can be done anywhere - anytime. OAMS makes it easy to find, personalize, store, distribute and measure your marketing communications—in one location. OAMS supports a variety of content types, including direct mail, email, brochures, sales ideas,... Continue Reading →

IRS LTC Numbers for 2020

Every year around this time, we start sharing numbers for the following year's planning. Here are the inflation adjusted LTC numbers for 2020  that you might find useful. With the Asset Care product line identifying Acceleration of benefit (AOB) and Continuation of Benefit (COB) charges, the LTC premium associated with the policy is identifiable. The... Continue Reading →

E-Application Advantage

On thing that we’ve found is that submitting business using electronic application (eApp) has provided advisors with a few advantages. Along with the an assurance that an application submitted electronically is "in good order" (aka IGO), there are four additional benefits: Comp is paid faster Business cycle by 5-7 days A smoother client experience Reduction... Continue Reading →

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