The Pre-Underwriting Inquiry

Everyone is not in perfect health - we know that.  We also recognize that the market for our extended healthcare (LTC) funding solutions is not young (the typical client is over 62 and Care Solutions can be written up to age 85).  All this means that health challenges exist. Take a look at the Underwriting... Continue Reading →

Your Clients Aren’t Average

Some carriers like to claim that your clients don’t need LTC protection beyond the average length of a care need. But preparing for only the average length of a care need can leave a large gap. The Story of Averages The average length of an LTC need is typically longer for women than men (3.7... Continue Reading →

It’s About The Claim

Our purpose is to provide the funding resources for our policyholders when their health is compromised and they require long term care services. Last year, I shared some claims information with you.  Today, I plan to share a little information that will be tremendously helpful when a client contacts you to initiate a claim. The... Continue Reading →

OneAmerica & Alzheimer’s Assoc.

Why do you stress lifetime benefits?  Here's why ... Today, one in three seniors dies with Alzheimer’s disease or another dementia1. Research brings us answers every day that move us closer to a world without Alzheimer’s, but the reality is that most people don’t prepare for the long-term care needs of Alzheimer’s until they or someone... Continue Reading →

About OneAmerica

OneAmerica® includes a family of financial companies. OneAmerica®is part of a mutual organization that has no shareholders. We are accountable only to our clients or policyholders. That means our priority is serving you — the people and businesses on “Main Street.” We offer high-quality products and services to help you, our clients, prepare for your... Continue Reading →

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