Maturing Annuity Opportunity

There are trillions of dollars of non-qualified deferred annuities on the books. With an aging population of annuity holders, the opportunity exists for you to provide a solution to those who are facing the prospect of a maturing annuity contract. At OneAmerica, we have a solution called Legacy Care. Legacy Care is a single premium... Continue Reading →

The Value of Two

This week, I am sharing a quick idea or two based upon a conversations that I had this past week with producers and advisors. Just a reminder, that I am back in business and on the road meeting in-person (one-on-one, small groups, or agency-level meetings). This leads me into my shameless pitch for our upcoming... Continue Reading →

Care Solutions Road Shows

As part of our national fall surge, OneAmerica Care Solutions Road Shows are being held across the country. Michael Florio and I will be hosting 4 sessions coming up in the next few weeks. During this 90 minute event, we’ll share concepts highlighting the flexibility of the Care Solutions product portfolio and how they meet... Continue Reading →

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