Did you Know – Jean-Baptiste

Last week’s Fridays with Fisher talked about some serious misunderstandings that a bulk of the population has about long term care / extended healthcare and the funding of those obligations.  It is a serious issue that MUST be addressed.  Medicare and Medicaid are not designed to address this issue – we need to make sure... Continue Reading →

Did You Know – Percy

You all know that every Friday I share a little something with you in my Fridays with Fisher e-blast and blog (fridayswithfisher.com).  I see this as a way to share ideas and information that aren’t corporate generated. As I was looking for a witty quote, I stumbled into a study that was done by the... Continue Reading →

Did You Know – Benjamin

We have heard it a million times - "by failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail" or some variation of this statement. Did you know that Benjamin Franklin is often credited for this thought, but that cannot be verified (according to checkyourfact.com). Regardless of the source, the statement rings true. A failure to plan... Continue Reading →

Did You Know – Elvis

As you know, last week and this I have been off moving to my more modern home. I will be back full speed on Monday, July 12. Thank you for working with Justin during my time out - I do appreciate your cooperation. So, since today is a day off and taking the "did you... Continue Reading →

Some Tools For You

As you know, I am on vacation this week. Actually, it will be no vacation as I am moving from our 200 year old historic home in Somers, CT to a newer home a few miles away. (Shameless pitch - if you know of anyone looking for a historic home that wants to live in... Continue Reading →

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