More Than Care Solutions

At OneAmerica, we offer more than the Care Solutions portfolio of asset-based LTC.  Also available to our brokerage partners are the products manufactured and distributed by our OneAmerica Retirement Services and Employee Benefits division. Retirement Services OneAmerica Retirement Services provides high quality retirement plans with personalized services.  With plans for 401(k), 403(b), 457, IRA, ESOP,... Continue Reading →

OneAmerica – Our Legacy

Earlier this week on LTC Coffee Break, Michael Florio and I answered a question from one of our viewers who asked (and I paraphrase) - "what can you tell me about OneAmerica?" Let me hit on some highlights. OneAmerica is a mutual organization headquartered in Indianapolis.  OneAmerica Includes a family of financial companies - this... Continue Reading →

A Producer Conversation

Earlier this week during our weekly LTC Coffee Break broadcast, spoke with a producer from North Carolina - Al Hyde.  Our lead off question was simply "what is your target market". Not surprisingly, Al shared that with us that his conversations with people ranged in age from the middle forties to the middle eighties with... Continue Reading →

Reimbursement or Indemnity

If you have been paying attention to my weekly LTC Coffee Break broadcast schedule, you'll have noticed this week that Michael Florio and I discussed the topic of reimbursement and indemnity policies. (My shameless plug - in the time that it takes for you to finish a medium coffee from Dunkin, we will share you... Continue Reading →

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