Over the past several weeks as part of the Leading Tomorrow with OneAmerica speaker Series, we have heard from experts who talked about aging, longevity, and working / communicating with clients. Here is a little something that I want you to chew on - longevity. Let me pose this question. You (or some other professional)... Continue Reading →

Dychtwald Insights

Yesterday, we hosted our second installment of the Leading Tomorrow with OneAmerica speaker series which featured Ken Dychtwald from Age Wave. Ken offered a ton of information and insights into aging and dynamics of working in that realm. Here is a point that directly relates to long term care and care planning. "Health challenges can... Continue Reading →

A Challenge for You

The Covid-19 pandemic has forced us all to change the way that we conduct our business. We have all been forced to integrate technology into our business models. Whether you have been in the business for 30 years of 30 minutes, we've all increased our use of technology to inform, educate, and inspire our prospects,... Continue Reading →

Generational Differences

If you missed this week's speaker on our "Leading Tomorrow with OneAmerica" speaker series Cam Martson from Generational Insights, you missed a great discussion. A couple of quick points from Cam. We all have a generational lense and the way that we see the world and make decisions is heavily influenced by that. And your... Continue Reading →

Speaker Series Launching

Earlier this week on LTC Coffee Break, we discussed shared with you our fourth quarter speaker series which is designed with you in mind. Starting on October 8, we will be delivering to you some of the top resources in the industry who share their insights and ideas on a host of subjects. Check out... Continue Reading →

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