3 Ideas

One thing about our business - we are always planning. From managing our schedules to working with your client's - we are always working some form a plan.  It is who we are and what we do. Looking into 2020, I would like to plant a seed or two (or three) that you might be... Continue Reading →

Asset Care & Executive Bonus

A Controlled Executive Bonus Plan — also known as a Restrictive Bonus or Section 162 plan — is an agreement that typically allows employers to use tax deductible money as a “bonus” to fund a life insurance policy for high-value employees. With Asset-Care, that policy also includes benefits for qualifying long-term care (LTC). This agreement... Continue Reading →

Asset Care Recap of Highlights

Since the roll out of our new Asset Care products over the summer, many of our current producers have been pleased by the new opportunities that have been created. Here are a few reminders: 1.) Our qualified money solution has been enhanced and rebuilt to maximize the long term care benefits while minimizing taxes.  It... Continue Reading →

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